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C r a f t i n g S o u l s C r a f t i n g w o o d

Kitchens, closets and wardrobes full of functionality.

LoSartori is a Portuguese furniture brand, specifically kitchens, closets and wardrobes. Through the art of carpentry, he creates elegant, functional, innovative pieces of furniture, adapted to the needs and requirements of each one.
In each piece of furniture designed, it selects a set of quality materials in order to find the best solution to redefine a space.
Crafting Souls Crafting Souls Crafting Souls
Crafting Souls Crafting Souls Crafting Souls

LoSartori – Crafted Wood

In each piece of furniture, LoSartori privileges the smallest detail, creating a perfect symbiosis between beauty and functionality.
Created with the innovation of kitchens, closets and wardrobes in mind, LoSartori designs your ideal space.

Elegance in every detail.
Through minimalist lines, LoSartori designs spaces adapted to individual needs.
Aesthetics, design, functionality and space optimization are key factors that elevate the LoSartori name in the furniture market. We always choose to create unique spaces, so that you feel special in every moment of your day.

We provide constant and careful monitoring in all phases of each project:
  • Briefing
  • Proposal Development
  • Project Production and Installation
  • Post-Completion Follow-up

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