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Elegance in every detail Crafting souls

LoSartori is a Portuguese furniture brand that aims, through the art of carpentry, to consolidate its concept in the luxury market by designing a completely innovative brand.

Much more than creating pieces of furniture, LoSartori sets trends, represents a lifestyle and forms the mirror of modern society. The brand conveys elegance and contemporaneity. It confers refinement and sophistication in redefining spaces. It develops true symphonies in each piece and makes each detail unique.

Believing that the time has come to transform the furniture market, LoSartori stimulates the noble and modern spirit.

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All of our projects go through the optimization of space, privileging the quality and resistance of noble materials, always with an unshakable aesthetic sense …

What inspires us Crafting Souls

Exclusive details Design Exclusive details
The design of our pieces is unique and exclusive. Made specifically with each customer in mind. Innovative and avant-garde lines that reflect the prestige and rigor of our manufacturers.
Exclusive details Interiors Exclusive details
The quality of the LoSartori interiors is refined and robust. Even when not in sight, they are not devalued and are also made with high quality materials.
Exclusive details Mechanisms Exclusive details
We have several mechanisms so that it is possible to better handle our equipment. We want them to be practical and easy to use.
Exclusive details Accessories Exclusive details
LoSartori accessories further embellish your home. You can customize our models and make them exactly what you want. Because all the details count.


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