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In each piece exclusivity,
in each detail functionality.

Crafting Souls

Elegance in every detail

LoSartori presents itself as a Portuguese furniture brand, specifically kitchens, closets and wardrobes.

As a relatively recent brand, it directs all its know-how to the innovation, technology and functionality of each piece.
Combining individual needs and requirements with innovative design, it manages to redefine a space in a unique way.
In each project we develop, we opt for the optimization of spaces, we privilege the smallest detail and create a perfect symbiosis between beauty and functionality.
Created with the uniqueness of kitchens, closets and wardrobes in mind, LoSartori designs your ideal space.



In the first contact with the customer, their requirements, needs, limitations and tastes are recorded in detail.
The brand's uniqueness is transversal, each client represents a new challenge in the creation of each piece of furniture.

Proposal Development

After carrying out a thorough analysis of the space and requirements requested, we develop the result in render, 3D design and technical drawing, for customer approval, free of charge.

Project Production and Installation

Our professionalism in tune with the quality of materials will bring the piece of furniture selected by the client to life.
LoSartori assumes the entire creation and installation process, with the guarantee of compliance with the previously stipulated deadlines.

Post-Completion Follow-up

Much more than the piece of art, the LoSartori customer acquires a unique and timeless service.
Thus, we are committed to periodically contacting the customer, in order to carry out a continuous follow-up to ensure their satisfaction.


Exclusive Furniture

Through the unique details present in each piece of LoSartori furniture, we offer technology, design and functionality.
We privilege the optimization of spaces, so that it is possible to take full advantage of the storage of a kitchen, closet or wardrobe, also prioritizing the quality of the materials used.

Automatic lighting

Controlled Lighting

Technological Furniture

Bench Extension

Privileged Storage

Storage Modules


It is in the small details that the big differences can be seen.

We create solutions that meet your needs.
Do not believe?
Here are some reasons to trust our work:

Unique details

Each LoSartori kitchen, closet or wardrobe has unique and discreet touches.
From space steps in the wardrobe, to automatic lighting solutions, LoSartori analyzes and develops in detail the details that best suit you.
your daily life and improving your family moments is our priority in designing dream furniture.

Avant-garde design

Using the strong know-how and specialization of the entire LoSartori team, it is possible to follow the lines of current market trends, thus designing contemporary, avant-garde furniture that meets the lifestyle of each one.

Space optimization

Currently, the space available for projecting the divisions of the house is getting smaller and smaller.
It becomes necessary to take advantage of all spaces intelligently.
At LoSartori, we leave nothing to chance. We analyze, design and design details that will allow you to increase the space for free movement.

Responses to individual needs

A project of excellence implies offering a solution that completely meets individual needs and requirements.
The entire LoSartori team works unanimously to present the kitchen, closet or wardrobe designed by the customer.

Reference materials

Each project developed requires the right choice of suitable and quality materials, in order to deliver exactly what the customer expects.
At LoSartori, we analyze the best materials to be used in your space and offer you a range of options in order to select the one that best suits you.

Design, Functionality and Innovation

In a single project, we managed to combine design, functionality and innovation.
Much more than having an aesthetically beautiful space, it is having a space that streamlines your daily moments, without ever putting aside the technological innovation associated with the
Creating environments where you feel comfortable is our main focus in the design of unique furniture.