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We are committed to digital innovation

We are committed to digital innovation

21/10/2022 2023-02-27 20:02

We are committed to digital innovation

Innovation, Digitization and Contemporaneity. These are the 3 points that make LoSartori’s commitment to being an avant-garde brand.

After 2 years, we decided to renew the “digital home” of our brand. A new dynamic website, attractive and full of updated and relevant information.
Providing you with an improved experience and offering a value-added service is on the minds of our entire team every day.

Following LoSartori’s concept and positioning, we designed a website totally different from what I was used to visiting. Cleaner, simpler and more informative.

Always keeping in mind the needs of our audience, on this website you can find not only the history of the brand, but also the points that differentiate LoSartori and its furniture. In addition, we improved the product catalog, namely kitchens, closets and wardrobes, making it more enlightening.

This website was planned for you. Enjoy and get to know our kitchens, closets and wardrobes projects. We await your message to start a furniture project together.


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