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LoSartori & Chef Lígia Santos

LoSartori & Chef Lígia Santos

07/01/2022 2022-10-26 15:32

LoSartori & Chef Lígia Santos

On the 7th of December, LoSartori, in partnership with Chef Lígia Santos, developed an exclusive demonstration of Showcooking, in its Showroom.

Throughout the event, guests had the opportunity to visit all spaces in the Showroom, check their functionalities and characteristics, and even experience, live and in a space full of glamour, the preparation and tasting of a dish of the authorship by Chef Lígia Santos.

Simultaneously to this, and as a way of emphasizing the close relationship that the brand intends to achieve with its customers, guests also had the opportunity to join the Chef to prepare the main dish, verifying in practice some of the features of the Vanguard cuisine.

This event allowed LoSartori to consolidate its position in the luxury kitchen market and also provide a differentiating and unique moment, not only for the guests, but also for the brand itself.