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Using Neolith in furniture

Using Neolith in furniture

17/03/2021 2022-10-21 16:06

Using Neolith in furniture

One of the great premises of the launch of the LoSartori brand is the combination of the art of carpentry with the technological innovation that is felt in the markets. Currently, the company manages to present several solutions regarding process engineering in the creation of interior furniture.

In this sense, LoSartori specializes in the construction of unique interior spaces resulting from the combination of the best raw materials and the state of the art technology that we experience today. The use of Neolith material is, in fact, a giant step in the technological and aesthetic representation of kitchens and all types of furniture available for indoor and outdoor spaces!

After all, what is Neolith?

Neolith is made up of recyclable raw materials and pressed minerals that undergo a cutting and drying action to form and eliminate moisture on the board. Subsequently, a technological system called NDD System (Neolith Digital Design) is incorporated into the part and a sintering process is developed at high temperatures, creating a change in the microscopic structure of the base element. Finally, LoSartori thoroughly invests in the quality control of the entire production chain.

In this sense, LoSartori develops each project benefiting from infinite color combinations, thicknesses and sizes, as well as countless applications, with the aim of creating exclusive and exceptional spaces.

Extraordinary characteristics of Neolith material

– Resistant to scratches and abrasions, thanks to the hardness of its surface.

– Resistant to frost and frost.

– Resistant to sun exposure and extreme temperatures.

– Resistant and flexible to high pressure and weight loads.

– Maximum impermeability.

– The plates are composed mostly of recycled materials.

– Easy to clean.

– 100% natural and environmentally friendly material.